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Document Management

Document Management

Tuesday 13 May 2003 5:04:02 pm - 26 replies

I'd like to see an integration with documents that are used in a companies workflow. So OpenOffice and MS Word binary documents etc could be stored. This would extend the capabilities of eZ to a document management solution.
This could be implemented via the DE engine, maybe the documents at the backend could be stored in a Subversion type system or maybe even Subversion itself?

My dream end goal would be to store the entire document in XML inside eZ and then produce the OpenOffice, PDF, MS Word document upon demand. That way you get true collaboration.

I think some sort of Desktop client is needed so documents can be dragged and dropped to the system, maybe this will be a feature of the DE? This needs to be KDE/Gnome and Windows.

Wednesday 30 June 2004 3:14:29 pm

Wow, this sounds promising! While most of this conversation is above my knowledge level, I am learning a lot. happy.gif Emoticon But I have one question. How are these documents to be styled? Ekke mentions that the styles are removed, but Paul thinks they should be included... Are you speaking of style definitions, or XML tags that apply style (XSL version of 'font color:red' vs. 'strong')? It makes sense to me to strip specific style definitions (font color etc.), but not the tags. Is there a reason why both should be removed? Is there a reason to keep the style definitions, and thus lose the separation of style and content?



Wednesday 30 June 2004 3:39:47 pm

In an oo doc styles and content are indeed separate. They are important if you want to recreate a document that looks the same as the original imported version. But this might not be important. I believe there is a third element in an oo document called settings.xml which to me looks like it applies the styles to the content, but i may be wrong...

Once a document is captured, or written natively within eZ are the exact styles important? For a new document i would say it isnt but maybe for an important document it will be.

However, once the initial work gets an document in and out further work and look at retaining styles. For example the conversion program i mentioned builds XSLT based on the styles of the document. That could be used to display the document on a web page, plus to recreate the same styles in an exported doc.

Walking before running is important here happy.gif Emoticon

I think once something is up and running and on pubsvn we can perhaps put a project plan together about how to proceed. If Ekkehard doesn't mind others helping that is blunk.gif Emoticon



Wednesday 30 June 2004 4:09:46 pm

That makes sense. Thanks for the details Paul. It sounds like a promising direction in general.


Wednesday 30 June 2004 6:01:28 pm

I'll prepare a first hack version of officeimport.php out of root as soon as possible, so you can play with the input. Then we can discuss together the way how to integrate it in ez as extension and the next steps for output.

More come soon blunk.gif Emoticon)

Greetings, ekke

Modified on Wednesday 30 June 2004 6:06:45 pm by Ekkehard Dörre

Tuesday 13 March 2012 10:06:23 pm

Quote from Ekkehard Dörre :

I have a advice for web document management..

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Wednesday 10 July 2013 2:30:22 pm

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