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Email Client, Calendar, eNewsletter, Peer Servers

Email Client, Calendar, eNewsletter, Peer Servers

Friday 06 June 2003 12:00:20 pm - 2 replies

Dear Sirs,

eZ Publish is great!

It would be very useful to be able to check my email with eZ Publish... support for multiple POP and/or IMAP accounts per user would be a nice addition.

A calendar module would also be a good addition with support for private and shared calendars, events, schedules, etc.

A newsletter module where users can subscribe/unsubscribe to, and could manage subscriptions would be nice, too.

And peer servers, too.

Finally, I wish there is a way to configure eZ Publish to send to email addresses I assign to a product, category, sub-category, etc., instead of just the one I specify during configuration.

Has any of these been considered for inclusion on future versions? I cant wait to see them.


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Friday 06 June 2003 9:23:30 pm

I've written a calendar module. It currently doesn't do sharing of calendars but else it's pretty much up to what you want to. It's in the contributed area.

As for email client: If someone pays me to do it, I'll write one.

A newsletter module seems like a relatively straight forward thing to implement, it gets a bit harder if you also want it to handle bounces.

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Monday 09 June 2003 10:12:51 am


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