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Errors summary on publish of object

Errors summary on publish of object

Wednesday 04 October 2006 2:40:04 pm - 2 replies


The error summary that occured on an object are stored into the $validation.attributes variable. But this array has no index. It is a bit more difficult if i want to display errors related to a field next to it.
Having the summary into an hash would be nice. happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 05 October 2006 9:23:05 am

Hello Nabil

If necessary you could always put it into a hash which has the identifiers or ids as key, although it means one additional array iteration. But you are right, having such an index per default would be nice.

Greetings from Luxembourg


Thursday 05 October 2006 10:06:28 am

Hi Claudia,

That's how I processed. blunk.gif Emoticon

But that makes more templating processins for something that could be built-in.


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