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Event Calendar improvements

Event Calendar improvements

Thursday 05 May 2011 2:57:42 am - 1 reply

As a suggestion, could we have some improvements to the Event Calendar please?

At present the 'event' class can only handle events which have a set start and end time. It'd be nice to be able to stipulate 'all day' events, and to be able to enter limited recurring events (take a look at Google Calendar to see some of the possibilities: events that occur fortnightly for the next 13 weeks etc.

I realise that adding these features isn't that difficult, and I have extended the Calendar in the past, but wouldn't it be good for an eZ staff developer to spend a couple of days bringing this into line with what users expect out of an online calendar?

Thursday 05 May 2011 11:57:15 am

You could maybe fork the GIT repository of eZ and request a pull. This would help eZ staff developers as they have a lot to work on already and if you already have done the improvements then it will save a lot of time.


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