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expand/collapse attribute output tree

expand/collapse attribute output tree

Tuesday 10 May 2005 11:06:38 am - 1 reply
1. If multiple levels are shown, give a plus (expand) and minus (collapse) option to browse the tree easier. Similar to Object Browser in other development platforms.
2. When it is collapsed, supply the fully qualified variable name (e.g. node.data_map.image) for easy copy paste into template being developed.

Tuesday 10 May 2005 11:18:29 am


While extremely powerfull, under used and under promoted; The default output provided by <i>attribute(show,2)</i> or <i>attribute(show,3)</i> is a little hard to read in an already cluttered semi-production template.

I'm not sure if an expanding / collapsing display option / augmentation would solve the problem 100% it might be a great step towards making this output cleaner.

Alternately, a clickable popup link to also view the same output in it's own window, might also make this even simpler to use in a template that is anything but /design/plain


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