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Extend moderation scheme on

Extend moderation scheme on

Wednesday 04 May 2005 11:23:36 am - 3 replies

It would be nice if the forums allowed moderators to apply a finer level of control over posts.

Apart from editing, the posts could be marked as spam and the user given a penalty point which may build up over time. Im sure other moderation features from other bb systems would be useful too happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 11 May 2005 1:53:18 am

Hi Paul

I think this is a great suggestion. In terms of "penalty points" it would be good to see this work in a positive way as well - i.e. "this post solved my issue". This would allow for there to be a monthly list of "top" posts.

Another thing that may cut down repetitive posts is a revival of the FAQs and a closer link to the forums....If I see another post asking about Memory Limits or php time-outs (neither appear in the FAQ!)...

BTW - What "powers" does a moderator currently have?


Wednesday 11 May 2005 9:29:32 am

Its limited. We can only edit other posts.


Tuesday 17 May 2005 6:12:24 pm

I spoke on this about a week ago and some of the kids got a kick out of it so I thought I would 'call' so you all could think about it aloud.

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<b>Orphaned Forum Posts</b> (new view)

Forum Posts which have no replies (1 post only).

These posts should be queued to be addressed in the documentation/faq and removed (from main views, still visible to poster (user list of threads) not cluttering up the main forum views)

We have an almost dire need to clean the forums of bad posts, which it is littered with thousands which are confusing new users and creating more trouble to the people in the community struggling to support them on their own time.

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<b>Recently Orphaned Forum Posts</b> (new view)

Show the eZ publish forum users (moderators, advanced users) a new view which simply displays all the forum topics / posts (say in the last 1 - 3 months or greater) which have no replies and are being either ignored, forgotten or missed.

This view will allow us to address user requests which get "buried" by a flood of other user request and are never answered.

Fyi. most users don't use the individual forum views, mostly because they are weak templates with week limits / controls for browsing the "sea"/"oceans" of forum posts.

These templates only show the 20 most popular threads at any given moment with an option of clicking through well over 111 different pages (ordered by date descending)
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