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Extend the content object model

Extend the content object model

Wednesday 01 December 2010 10:11:11 am - 1 reply


Did you ever think to extend the content object model ? I mean OO can be much more. For example one could imagine inheritance between content classes. Or create specific methods related to one content class.

A concrete example : A content class Page with classic attributes like "Title" "Tags" "Keywords" "Author" etc.. and all the other "pages" could inherit from this one big-smile.gif Emoticon

Another one : Define a method getVCS on the user content class. This method return all the user infos in a VCS format.

For me it sounds great but I can imagine that it's really not easy to implement and handle big-smile.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 01 December 2010 11:58:56 am

Hi Alain

We often think about these ideas also, especially when developing a more complex "custom" solution in eZ Publish (one that involves many custom classes and relations between them to model the business case).

For creating hierarchical relations between classes we usually fall back to using standard eZ features like positioning of objects in content tree and/or defining custom relations between related classes. Although, as you say, sometimes it would be great to these features baked in.

I suppose that this is just a feature that proportionally small number of installations really need, and it would (I suppose) simply take too much effort to develop.


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