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EZ 3.9 Demo Site for New Ez Book

EZ 3.9 Demo Site for New Ez Book

Friday 10 August 2007 3:48:09 am

I have developed or help develop several EZ sites with previous versions staring with 3.0 and have never been a fan of the online editor (buggy, etc.). I logged in as an editor to see how "edit" works on vers 3.9 to see how things may have improved.

The Create A Page and Edit control is nice but It STILL is a fill in the
form editor and feels old fashioned compared to other platforms that are emerging.
Compared to wysiwyg editors now appearing more often in other cms's and
wiki's (at least wetpaint), its a dinosaur. To really understand the
difference try out the sandbox at then add a page, Easy Edit that page, add some text, some links, a photo, an rss widget. Then save the page and Re Edit it again to see how they have used smart ajax features to revise
existing content. There is a world of difference.

Maybe a third party will "get it" and develop a better editor for ez...
I hope so.

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