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'ez Publish' Authentication v.s LDAP/Text one.

'ez Publish' Authentication v.s LDAP/Text one.

Wednesday 26 April 2006 3:36:33 am - 1 reply

I have a site with many siteaccesses. The siteaccess used many MySql databases.

Could I design a siteaccess as Member siteaccess that stores all 'member' users? Logging into other siteaccesses handles authentication from Member siteaccess database.

If possible, please help me some principles and some examples.

Many thanks,

Saturday 29 April 2006 10:07:55 am

Dear all,

I put the topic ''ez Publish' Authentication v.s LDAP/Text one' in the last week. But there is no repy to this topic now. I think that I presented my topic not clear.

1. I am developing a project using ez 3.7.4. My site has 3 siteaccess.
2. Siteaccess 'main' has database=db1. 'main' siteaccess stores all 'member' users of the site.
3. Siteaccess 'access2' has database=db2.
4. Siteaccess 'access3' has database=db3.
5. All users registered in siteaccess 'main', so all user data store in database 'db1'.
6. I would like to write an 'ez user format' login handler that used when login from siteaccess 'access2'/'access3'. When running, it checks authentication from db1. If true and 'no existing user in siteaccess', the loginhandler create a 'copy' user.

Could I do this? What do you think about security if using 'ez user formar loginhandler'?

If OK, please tell me some 'procedure' indications.

Many thanks,


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