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eZ publish distribution with eZ flow / eZ webin packages

eZ publish distribution with eZ flow / eZ webin packages

Friday 10 September 2010 9:14:32 pm - 1 reply

I was thinking, the step that could cause a php max execution time error, in most cases, is when eZ publish starts to download the packages that the user choosed. So I suggest to distribute eZ publish with all packages needed to make an eZ Flow / eZ Web Interface with content installation, this could be a flawless distribution that could include zeta components ( ez components ) too. So, the installation could be quicker. I think it could also minimize ez.no bandwich, because doing so, it will not be necessary to download all packages from ez.no every installation, we could just unzip and voilĂ ! We have all we need to make the basic installation.

Sunday 19 September 2010 5:38:48 am


i was thinking exactly like you when i found the example which make me change my mind :

the first is that you can also make your import as in the exrowecommerce project :




and the second reason is that if you know how many packages are docnload you know as well how many installation is made so it is important for ezsystems i think




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