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eZ Publish Email Validation Excludes Google Mail Wildcards

eZ Publish Email Validation Excludes Google Mail Wildcards

Friday 06 July 2007 12:33:57 pm - 1 reply

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking, asking, respectfully pleading for subscriptions, votes and comments in support for improvements to the eZ Publish Email Validation.

Long title: eZ Publish Email Validation Excludes Google Mail Wildcards from Approved Email Validation Codes

eZ Publish Email Validation Excludes Google Mail Wild cards from Approved Email Validation as invalid input.

Example #0:
Example #1:

Is a valid email I could send email too yet eZ Publish email input validation (Re: ezmail)

I have applications where I wish to accept email addresses with +string within the email (A wildcard / label) as valid email input, yet this feature (all be it new from google in the past few years) is not supported but it seems like such a small change to allow these email addresses as valid input.

Here is some info about this feature, There are a large number of articles on and in support of this feature world wide!


`Let's say you need to sign up for a mailing list that interests you, but you're afraid spammers might get your address. We'll call the list "exoticflowers". Sign up with the list using the address "". Email to that address will still come to your "" address even though the "To:" will include that "+exoticflowers" in it.

Then set up Gmail filters to shuttle that +exoticflowers email past the inbox to a specific label. Neat.`

I and my friends use this feature all the time, yet sadly, a few web sites / cms frameworks do not understand or support this input as a valid email address ... when they should consider the benefits it offers without detracting from existing validation rules.

Please update the validation to support this feature!
Please show your support for this simple feature to support within eZ Publish!

Brookins Consulting

Friday 06 July 2007 12:58:03 pm


Kristof pointed out to me this issue some time ago had been brought up in the eZ Components Mailing List in a rather 'thick' / long thread message,

I think this can be and <b>should</b> be addressed in eZ Publish <i>separate</i> from eZ Components.

I too have longed for this negative feature to be addressed for far too long.


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