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Monday 07 November 2005 10:58:29 am - 4 replies


Over the past few months, I've found myself distracted / interested in OPML. I am really interested in the way that with OPML you can share a large collection of rss feeds with anyone.

It all really started to happen when I was working with google's (new, rss) news reader ( http://google.com/reader/ ). I found that it supported the import and export of rss feeds in organized categories using OPML. I quickly began researching all things OPML for more information.

Leading me to create and validate my first opml file of ez.no rss feeds. To test my opml markup skill and see just what makes up a valid opml feed or file. <i>http://download.ezcommunity.net/ez.no.opml/index.opml</i>

Validated by the opml.validator:

Now with my opml file of eZ systems / eZ publish rss feeds (Which anyone can import into an opml aware application)

I am now kind of wondering if anyone else has thought of :
1. expanding eZ publish to support OPML?

2. increasing eZ publish for greater support of rss applications?

2. any suggestions for other rss feeds to add with resources or information about eZ publish for this opml file?

Feel free to pass the file around.

happy hacking,

<i>thanks dave, opml rocks</i> happy.gif Emoticon

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Friday 16 December 2005 6:05:38 pm

I would be interested in it. Especially since Drupal supports OPML. At some point with the MS Windows Longhorn integration push for RSS, it will be more natural for the average user to use RSS and OPML.

Saturday 17 December 2005 2:58:21 am

Thanks for the support and forum post happy.gif Emoticon

I think it would be a great idea for an component and an extension (in v4) for the future.

Though I'm not sure if eZ publish will see opml in v3's lifetime, unless one of us has a real need or itch to scratch happy.gif Emoticon

In the migration to the new ez.no site design the previous rss URI's used for the rss feeds have changed <i>(note: they dropped the `.xml` at the end of most and renamed community_articles to use an under score)</i>.

I have <b>updated</b> my copy of my all things eZ publish rss opml file to use the new valid links. <i>http://download.ezcommunity.net/ez.no.opml/index.opml</i>

I also added a few new feeds for components and other repository svn activity. If <i>anyone</i> has <i>any rss feeds</i> which would also be useful to include in the eZ publish rss file, please make a suggestion in this forum thread.

<b>*</b> I also uploaded this file as a contribution:


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Saturday 17 December 2005 12:22:17 pm

Is the idea to simply provide all the RSS feeds on a ezp site as OPML? That shouldn't be very hard, no?

Or there a wider scope and provide outlines for all content? If so, what should be outlined? Some sort of a sitemap?

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Sunday 18 December 2005 12:38:11 am

> <i>Is the idea to simply provide all the RSS feeds on a ezp site as OPML? That shouldn't be very hard, no?</i>

I think providing all the enabled rss feeds in an eZ publish site would be a very good start for an opml extension.

> <i>Or there a wider scope and provide outlines for all content?</i>

I do think that a complete opml implementation in eZ publish would provide support for an opml outline view for most (*if not all*) content. opml outlines do not use excessively complex content markup.

Most of what I have seen to provide opml content of a content structure has been a kinda of opml directory browser that links folder objects to opml representation of them and links document objects to the real document.

Though I have seen a number of different implementations, some times it's opml linking to opml, other times it's opml linking to rss, still other times it's opml linking to both opml, rss, and documents / web pages.

><i>If so, what should be outlined? Some sort of a sitemap?</i>

While a site map might be another interesting idea to start with ..

Providing links to both content in your site's content tree and the enabled rss feeds in one opml enabled view.

<b>Summery, Line Items from the above</b>
- OPML Extension
-- opml outline of enabled RSS Feeds (view)
-- opml outline of content structure, sitemap (view)
-- opml outline of content structure, directory / category (view)

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