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eZ search needs to be improved

eZ search needs to be improved

Thursday 19 January 2006 12:27:01 pm - 4 replies

The eZ search is not very good. Users and administrators have given me feedback (also in this forum) that the eZ search needs to be rewritten or improved.

The search takes too long to process, this module uses too much resources and it's not userfriendly (to get the results you want).

Here are my suggestions:
- reduce sql-queries and rethink the case with tmp-tables
- add the possibility to tune search through the admin-interface
- create the possibillity to easily edit and make groupings/sort of classes..so it can easy be fetched to output with i.e. 3 columns: first column (left) list articles, the center column (list folders), the last column (list the other classes with topic: mixed results).


Thursday 19 January 2006 12:42:13 pm

Hi Per-Espen,

We are going to completely re-implement the search engine for eZ publish 4.0. Most probably it will be a part of the eZ components. The work will start in a few of months and specifications etc. will be discussed on our mailinglists.


Wednesday 25 January 2006 5:49:08 pm

Have you tried to integrate an external search engine ? From what I read, mngosearch behaves quite well.


Wednesday 25 January 2006 11:29:18 pm

Hi Xavier

None of the well known search engines (including mngosearch, openfts, ...) is really up to the task we need. But Google sparked quite some activity in the academic world and some concepts/algorithms may be useful to implement in a new search engine for ezp.

But it's a major effort to reach a stage that makes users happy with ezp search. I have a feeling that we even need a paradigm change on search & navigation ...

Shall we have a beer or a good bottle of wine?


Friday 27 January 2006 5:54:42 pm

Hi Paul,

I'm far to be an expert in the search engines, but if your new paradigms involve good (french) wine and (belgium) beer, I'd be quite happy to investigate a wee bit more blunk.gif Emoticon



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