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eZ Survey handled by cookies

eZ Survey handled by cookies

Friday 02 April 2010 2:26:21 pm - 3 replies


Currently, if we want that the users can answer to a survey only once, they have to create an account.
It would be really nice there is an option that permits this functioning without needing to create an account and being handled by a cookie just like the existing poll system.

Having to create an account to answer a survey can be a brake for numerous persons.

We can imagine something like that in the edit view of the survey:


  • Only one answer allowed (chekbox)
  • First option: handled by cookies (Radiobotton)
  • Second option: handled by account (Radiobotton)



Modified on Friday 02 April 2010 2:27:14 pm by Pascal France

Friday 02 April 2010 6:50:51 pm

Hi Pascal, can you file an enhancement issue?



Friday 02 April 2010 11:04:23 pm

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question. It was for me the opportunity to report me that I said a stupidity.

Polls don't work with cookies and it's possible to vote several times if we close and reopen our navigator.

However, I maintain my proposition to have a system that restricts to one the possibility to answer to a survey. A system handled by cookies seems to me a good system. It is not inviolable, certainly, but for the majority of the Internet users it is dissuasive enough and, as I said it in my first post, it is not dissuasive as can be the creation of an account.



Modified on Friday 02 April 2010 11:05:26 pm by Pascal France

Thursday 05 January 2012 1:10:16 pm


any of you implements the opction to vote with cookies in ezsurvey?




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