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Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:25:42 pm - 11 replies

With 3.1 out for a good length of time will forum notification be rolled out soon? Will it happen before 3.2?

What are the plans for introducing this?


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Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:39:45 pm

I'd like to second this request. It is really hard to follow threads of interest without any form of update notification.


Wednesday 23 July 2003 4:47:13 pm

We will add notifications to I can't give you an excact date, but it should be out before the 3.2 release, yes.


Wednesday 23 July 2003 5:11:41 pm


Does this delay imply there are problems with notification itself or that the application of it to the site is proving time consuimg and difficult? We haven't tried using notification yet.

Exact dates are not a worry. I was expecting it shortly after the 3.1 launch, so was wondering.


Wednesday 23 July 2003 5:32:22 pm

No, it's actually very simple to use. We only have one notification filter now however, subtree notification.

The problem is that we need to add a field to the forum messages which indicates if you would like to get replies for this thread. We have alof of forum messages and need to write a script for class upgrade, since doing this in the admin will definetly timeout. ( Add an attribute with default value to 17.000+ objects ).


Wednesday 23 July 2003 6:25:20 pm

Just wondering, if you added the attribute to new forum objects would that hinder old objects? From what i've seen in ez the old object doesn't take on changes to the class until it has been republished and old objects are still viable.

This would mean new messages would have the notification, and when old threads are updated they will gain the new ability to notify.

However, im not clear on the consequence of this. It may break ez sad.gif Emoticon

If it worked we could have notification tomorrow. Could we?


Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 6:27:33 pm by Paul Forsyth

Wednesday 23 July 2003 9:05:20 pm

>We will add notifications to I can't give you an excact
>date, but it should be out before the 3.2 release, yes.

You said forum notification will be added to "the" site. Does this also apply to the ez Publish public distribution files? If not, can you at least add this to the documention so people know to use it?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Best regards,


Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 9:06:06 pm by geovanni rosetto

Wednesday 23 July 2003 9:47:48 pm

Yes, we will add documentation on how to do this. We should probably do a tutorial on how we implemented the notifications on

We will use the standard features in eZ publish for this. Basically we will add the subscription datatype to the forum messages. This will give you a checkbox when you post a forum message. If you tick this off eZ publish will register a notification rule which says that you should get notifications whenever someone replies ( i.e. creates an object under the current post ) to your forum message.

We will also add buttons to the different parts like documentation and contribution. This will be like the "keep me updated" button you see in 3.1 admin.

That's basically what you've got to do to get notifications with eZ publish.

We will also write more notification handlers so you can have different types of notifications.


Thursday 24 July 2003 2:29:49 am

Thanks Bård...

It's good to know that eZ is listening to the community.

Kudos to the ez crew...


Thursday 24 July 2003 8:54:19 am

Would my suggestion work?

I am a little concerned about the possible wait of another month before notification arrives.


Modified on Thursday 24 July 2003 8:56:16 am by Paul Forsyth

Wednesday 14 December 2005 4:13:09 pm

I realise this is rather late, but...

in the post from Bård Farstad on Wednesday 23 July 2003 9:47:48 pm,
he stated that there would be documentation and potentially a tutorial on notifications
and event creation and such.

So I was just wonding if any of that happened. Is there documentation? Is there a tutorial?
Can anybody point me to it/them?


Friday 17 February 2006 10:05:11 am


The notification system is now documented here:

Best regards,


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