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Friday 12 May 2006 11:40:50 pm - 5 replies

There are a lot of questions that repeats itself inside this forum.
And there is about time this community gets its own faq with links to the most valued threads and step by step instructions.

One other thing, should have its own site/url.
Kind of like Opera have over at !

Tuesday 23 May 2006 3:18:41 pm

I eZ publish FAQ is a good idea.

I think it should not be a link to the most valuable threads in the forum, but rather a separate FAQ.

I have some starting points:


What is eZ publish?
Where can i get eZ publish?


I publish content, but my site is not updated, what is wrong?


What are cronjobs?
When do i need to use cronjobs?

And so on. What do you people think should be in this FAQ?

Tuesday 23 May 2006 3:26:12 pm


This is of course great idea, and we will lunch FAQ on documentation page, it will be categorized and fully searchable.

First version of FAQ should be available in the next few weeks.

As Kristian wrote we would like to know what are the common issues considering eZ publish usage. We know about some but not about all blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 24 May 2006 2:38:11 pm

There are also returning questions about site configuration, e.g. how to configure user registration (let them verify their e-mail etc.), questions about common fatal errors (most of the time we first have to tell how they can turn on various debugging options and where they can read the debug logs) like the "Maximum execution time of x seconds..." one. Also several charset issues have been discussed a lot (converting to utf8, ...), and problems with file permissions.

Also a modification in 3.8 caused more them one forum topic ( ), but I'm not sure that stuff should be in the FAQ, it should have been mentioned in the 3.8 upgrade doc, but unfortunately it wasn't.

Thursday 25 May 2006 1:34:22 am

I wasn't saying there should only be links to threads about it, but the faq should have links to threads that discuss the issue as well as explaining the answer to the faq AND have links to the parts of the doc that is involved.

One faq to fill out right away would be:
"How do I hide index.php?" / "How do I enable virtual host mode?"

And a link on top of the forum that say: Always take a look thru the frequently asked questions and search for your problem in the forum before posting!

Friday 02 June 2006 11:13:29 am

Yes an FAQ is an very good idea. Maybee it should be divided on the type of user. I.e.

Someone having heard about eZ should find something about What eZ is? What is open source? etc..

Then another chapter dealing with evaluating eZ, how large sites can eZ support? What can you do with eZ? etc.

Then one for developers, how do I do this?


Cheers Tore


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