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ezcontentobject_attribute saves ezselection-index in data_text

ezcontentobject_attribute saves ezselection-index in data_text

Thursday 25 September 2003 5:08:07 pm - 2 replies

data_int would be more appropriate

Thursday 25 September 2003 5:37:57 pm

File it as a bug. If the index is only ever an integer (which it sounds like it is) then it should be stored in data_int.

If we used this as part of the sdk it would cause problems as we would expect it to be an integer and get a string in return causing '==' operations to fail.


Modified on Thursday 25 September 2003 5:40:44 pm by Paul Forsyth

Thursday 25 September 2003 5:46:52 pm

I will!
I guess the index will always be an integer, since you can't define it for ezselection. Maybe it's not true for other datatypes which have an integer, but at least not for ezselection.


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