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eZKeyword optimization

eZKeyword optimization

Friday 19 December 2008 3:26:26 pm - 5 replies

Has anyone tried optimizing the ezkeyword queries (those that are generated while accessing content/keyword/... view)? It get's incredibly slow with only few thousands of relations, it practically eliminates it from any tagging-like use...

SELECT ezkeyword.keyword,ezcontentobject_tree.node_id FROM ezkeyword, ezkeyword_attribute_link,ezcontentobject_tree,ezcontentobject,ezcontentclass, ezcontentobject_attribute a1
ezkeyword.keyword LIKE 'whatever%'
AND ezcontentobject_tree.is_invisible = 0
AND ((ezcontentobject.section_id in (1, 2))

Tuesday 12 May 2009 5:15:49 pm


anyone optimized the ezkeyword? it brings up index speed problem with sorl indexation for both ezfind and ezfind2 - the index time difference is huge when we have objects with ezkeyword attributes and when we do not have such objects (remove the ezkeyword attributes from the same objects). With ezkeywords server start to swap, mysql gets slow queries log filled up with calls to ezkeyword tables and index time is like up to 5-7 times greater than time when no ezkeyword attributes are used in classes. Also index size for the same objects with and without ezkeywords is enormous. In one case we have XXX BG of index data (with ezkeywords) and in the other case we have like under 100MB.

Tuesday 12 May 2009 7:11:55 pm

Denitsa M.: Might help to set KeywordNodesCacheClearLimit setting in viewcache.ini, its a 4.1 feature though.

Wednesday 13 May 2009 8:23:05 am

Thanks, André,

still at 4.0 here, but I will look into that anyway, it will come the time to use happy.gif Emoticon


Modified on Wednesday 13 May 2009 8:27:01 am by Denitsa M

Sunday 27 September 2009 11:49:27 am

Denitsa M.: Might help to set KeywordNodesCacheClearLimit setting in viewcache.ini, its a 4.1 feature though.

Was that the major ezkeywords performance problem, Andre?


Tuesday 27 October 2009 7:28:46 pm

I had the same problem on a site with more than 90.000 objects, most of them (90%) having 4 keywords attributes. To sullution was to switch to ezfind, but than we got another problem, the updatesearchindexsolr.php script takes a lot of time (about 6h) and crashes during indexing. I think it's related to this problem:


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