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Feedback form and 3.9.3 Plain type

Feedback form and 3.9.3 Plain type

Tuesday 02 October 2007 1:51:30 am


If you install a 3.9.3 with Plain type (all works fine with ezwebin type), the feedback-form doesn't send e-mail by défault.
It is necessary to add these lines:

 17         <h4>{$}</h4>
 18         <div class="attribute-sender-name">
 19             {attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.sender_name}
 20         </div>

to the design/base/override/templates/full/feedback_form.tpl default used template if you want your mail is sent.
Moreover, when you clic on the "Send" button, nothing occurs, even not an error message.
And it is not realy easy to find that we have to add theses lines.

I think they should exist by default.

And since the sender name is mandatory, it would be another realy nice thing if this name was displayed in the collectionlist (/infocollector/collectionlist/xxx under the Administration tab of the admin interface).



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