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fetch image and filter

fetch image and filter

Saturday 23 December 2006 10:58:50 am - 2 replies

It will be use full to filter/sort image by ratio (width/height)
Actually the width and height are store on a XML fields, but there is no way to make a fast SQL query.

With a photo Gallery , sometime I need to find the first image with a ratio greater than 1 another I need to display an image width a ratio less than 1.

To resolve this pb:
- I create a new table ( i store the id,width,height,ratio of all images)
- Every time a image is upload, I update my table
- I add a new extended attribute filter to get images by ratio

It's work, but It's will be better for me blunk.gif Emoticon to have this on ez

Monday 02 April 2007 6:07:17 pm

This is good idea, I just need something like this,
but I don't use sort image by ratio, I need use table to control image for another using.

do you can provide your code or demo in somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

Sunday 08 July 2007 12:20:13 pm

alan robert, I also need something like this. can you write code example for using ?


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