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File system architecture and distribution idea

File system architecture and distribution idea

Tuesday 12 August 2008 12:57:55 am - 1 reply

It may be good to consider changing the file system architecture of eZ to allow distribution of eZ through RPMs. By moving those directories most commonly customized/used/modified (settings, design, extension, var) from the eZ tree, the eZ core could be installed with one RPM, and a script provided that would copy the defaults for the settings, design, extension, var directories into DocumentRoot of the sites. This would allow the eZ core to be managed as an RPM, while ensuring the flexibility is not lost. A single eZ installation could support an entire server, each site would symlink to the core, and customize the remaining elements.

Each site would be entirely independent of the others, they would have separate databases.

Wednesday 03 September 2008 8:17:19 am


I know that is maybe a Linux lover point of view but I guess clients of eZSystems partner would also use http servers like IIS. So, what about a RPM ?

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