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for a faster ez publish

for a faster ez publish

Saturday 14 July 2007 12:35:49 pm - 4 replies

Hello every body, I’m new in this forum, and it’s my first message …
I develop applications with Ez publish since 5 month, I think its every powerful CMS and I m so impress with the possibility that Ez publish give in several domains.
But I have just one question; there is a way to make this CMS more speed, especially in site admin?
One possibility is to use the ajax methods…
Is There any others solutions? and please if some one could give me a guide (document , site internet) for more explication??

For every body, I m French-speaking person blunk.gif Emoticon I m sorry for my English…

thank you in advance .

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Monday 16 July 2007 11:07:34 am


I haven't tried this:

You could also search for other php accelerators in Google.

Please write what you have managed to accomplish.

Sunday 22 July 2007 2:03:44 pm

hello, Pesti Pal.

Tks for your help, I was very busy in the last tow week … actually I m trying your solution eAccelerator for PHP. I hope it work.


Sunday 22 July 2007 2:06:55 pm

You can have a look here

Monday 23 July 2007 3:08:15 pm

For more in depth discussions on how to tune your system, you have several articles here:

Some very good forum threads on this:

Also worth mentioning that if your server is already set up with APC, you won't really see any real changes by changing to eaccelerator. Even though the latter is a bit faster in some cases. Accelerators that are actively supported seems to be APC, eAccelerator and Xcache, Zend also have several offers, but they are not free (Zend optimizer is, but does not cache the optimized php script like the mentioned accelerator do so it does not give you any real speed benefit)

One other thing you should look into is turn on debug output and see what part of your system is the bottle neck.
Normally the templates are using 90% so tuning php with an accelerator and compiling it (and the accelerator + apache) with the intel compiler will give you highest gains.
If mysql is using a large chunk, tuning mysql and looking into latency issues between the web and mysql server (in setup where mysql is running on a different server) is where you should look first.

Edit: Almost forgot, to speed up admin use the ajax admin extension: ezjaxx
And there are some patches to eZ Publish that togheter will improve performance in the admin between 10-35% depending on how much your setup is saturated (slowed down) by the mysql server. They will probably be part of 3.10 final and some of them in 3.9.3 when they are done.

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