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Forum and login

Forum and login

Wednesday 28 June 2006 2:34:36 pm - 2 replies

Hi all,

I don't know whether this is considered a bug or not, but it is certainly an annoyance that would be great if it were rectified.

When I read a forum, I go to the forum index page and then open a number of different threads in different tabs (if using Firefox as I normally do) or new windows (in IE).

Now when I go to ez.no I don't seem to stay logged in for very long - basically everytime I return I have to log in again. The main problem with this however is that if I'm not logged in when I've opened the numerous tabs, when I login to reply to a thread I have to click the login link, and then when I'm logged in it forwards me to the most recent tab/page that I opened, not the page I came from to login.

It's really frustrating and something that I think would be worth looking into (it doesn't happen in dedicated forum software like phpBB of vBulletin).

Thanks and keep up the great work - I love the newly GPL'ed OE happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 04 July 2006 1:17:37 pm

Hello Tim

Please post an enhancement request in the bug tracker. You can refer to this topic. Adding a view parameter to user/login for specifying a redirection url could be a possible solution.

Wednesday 05 July 2006 1:44:42 am

Thanks Kristof,

I've posted it as an enhancement


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