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Friday 18 August 2006 9:20:09 pm - 4 replies

Hello there,

not sure whether this is the correct forum but I could not find any better...
I would like to have preview enabled in the public forum at ez.no as it usually helps me to structure my question/answer better.
Also when replying to a post I always see only the original post below the textarea for the new post. But if I want to answer to a newer post on this thread I have to open a new window if I want to refer to or copy something from this post. So seeing all the postings below the textarea would be really nice.

Greetings from Luxembourg


Friday 18 August 2006 10:52:36 pm

Hi Claudia

Please file an enhancement request AND a bug report to show all previous posts when posting a reply (the latter is a bug with caching)


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Saturday 19 August 2006 6:02:42 am


Your not alone. I too have seen this 'negative feature' for quite some time.
Please do file file an enhancement request AND a bug report, it really does make a difference!

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Sunday 20 August 2006 11:08:50 am

Hi there

Thanks for the suggestions. I created a bug report for the 'view all posts' problem and an enhancement request for the preview functionality.

Greetings from Luxembourg


Monday 21 August 2006 4:40:44 am

Here is the bug report filed by Claudia ...


<i>heh, cheers!

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