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Gaustablikk Summer Camp Photo Gallery?

Gaustablikk Summer Camp Photo Gallery?

Monday 06 June 2005 6:42:33 pm - 16 replies


there were a lot of people making photos. Any place to put them up for sharing? And the talks, too?

It was very nice to meet you all there and again in projects, next year, or in other ez meetings.

Greetings, ekke

Monday 06 June 2005 6:55:48 pm

Thanks Derick!

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Monday 06 June 2005 7:44:41 pm

Thanks Graham,

I know Dericks gallery,
but I was looking for a place, where we <b>all</b> can share our images.

Greetings, ekke

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Monday 06 June 2005 11:11:14 pm

Nice pictures Derick, too bad I had to leave before the hike!


Monday 06 June 2005 11:27:58 pm

I can setup a image gallery for example using:
<i></i> or..
<i></i> or..
<i></i> (not setup yet)

Using this very powerful and flexible group / collaborative php image gallery solution.

Which supports really nice bulk image uploading very quickly.

All i need to know is that you'll really use it! This could be fun, we could all just go to the site and post our images for everyone to share.

I wish we had more user posting space on . Especially for things like our user pictures, articles, documentation, faq, blogs, <b>files that might not make direct sense simply in a contribution</b>.

Though in this case it might not be business it is something I more than 4 people in the community would like to see confused.gif Emoticon

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Tuesday 07 June 2005 8:32:13 am

I'd like to see it (that's one)

Tuesday 07 June 2005 10:33:59 am

Graham (kracker) wrote:

<i>Using this very powerful and flexible group / collaborative php image gallery solution.

Which supports really nice bulk image uploading very quickly.

I know one, too. It's eZ publish 3 blunk.gif Emoticon) But I have no time the next two month, so the menalto gallery is O.K. There are nice ideas in, like the direct paper photo order. Another only gallery with image croping, sizing, turning in admin area and browser with javascript is coppermine Using imagemagick for processing.

For playing these are good, but not for serious customer, i think.

Greetings, ekke

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Friday 10 June 2005 1:00:57 am


I agree with you, I was thinking of something I have done before quickly for the intrim.

But your right and I need to set a positive example, starting now. So instead I have a very ruff start online at: <i></i>

It can be managed via webdav which will make uploading your folders quick very simple. You can use any one of several webdav clients available (see references).

I'm still working on improving the little things like the urls / design / views / users / permissions / etc.

So to get us started it'd like to give out admin access on a one at a time basis till I get user area / permissions setup so you can all manage the site yourselves.

If you have pictures just email me at : thekracker ((a t)) g m a i l ((d o t)) c o m

Be sure to include these subject keywords so I don't loose / miss your mail in a sea of spam happy.gif Emoticon " eZ Summer Camp 2005 "

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Windows / KDE (have clients built into their browsers)</i>

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Monday 13 June 2005 10:31:40 pm


Ok so per `Ekkehard Doerre`'s suggestions I setup a webdav enabled eZ publish photo gallery.

You can use it, it's online at:

Now I'm looking to get people who took photos at the Summer Camp 2005 to send them or post them to the site for everyone to see and enjoy.

So far no one (save Derik) has spoken up or emailed? Does anyone else have photo's to share?

I really like your new signature, re: contributing happy.gif Emoticon

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Thursday 23 June 2005 11:34:44 pm

Is anyone willing to share any photos they took :?

I mean I don't mind setting up the stage but it's *sniff* kinda sad no none took took me up on it.

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Friday 24 June 2005 1:53:27 pm


I will do so this weekend, have around 200 of them but some need censorship depending on the time, location and people involved blunk.gif Emoticon



Tuesday 28 June 2005 2:29:50 pm


My weekend is by definition long ...

Could not get the webdav upload to work so I copied a selection over to pubsvn (Gallery made with Picasa):

If anyone objects to a certain picture, please let me know


Tuesday 28 June 2005 2:40:06 pm

Can I help you get them uploaded, I created you a full admin account on the site with our standard key...

Drop me an email, let me know just what the problem might have been. If not I understand.

Thanks for the pictures. Anyone else have any pictures they wish to share/publish?

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Friday 05 August 2005 9:31:13 pm

A little late but I have some if you want

Bertrand // Katana

Saturday 06 August 2005 12:33:17 am


Post them to the web, email them to me (see above obfuscated addy) and I'll post them.

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Saturday 20 August 2005 6:37:44 am

I just lost hosting for all my eZ publish community sites/projects ... so all my eZ publish community sites are in flux at the moment. I am looking for replacement hosting asap, until then, my apologies :\

Until I've found replacement hosting, I setup a flickr page:

You can email eZ publish / community related photo's to the site via this email address yourself <grin>: fear56took |a t|

eminem - infinite
if you know me you already know ...

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Monday 22 August 2005 6:25:01 pm

Finally got around to put up some pictures..

-- The guy in white hat.


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