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Image Pop-Up

Image Pop-Up

Monday 26 November 2007 1:59:03 pm - 1 reply


It would be nice if one could include an example in your webin interface where you could show newcomers how to make a pop-up image inside an article. Yes we know that we need to make template override for the pagelayout and perhaps a special tag etc...!

But it would be so much easier if one could included it as a standard option for any image entered. Perhaps a button on the editor or perhaps where one chooses how to align the inserted object. Maybe one could make a simple checkbox. Or a bit more complex: allow people to say where to pop the window up etc...!

Thanks for a great cms

Saturday 12 April 2008 8:25:34 pm

Hmmm - this is very sad that I did not get at least one sort of reply to try and help this issue out after all this time.

Anyway - I was browsing the net and I found another site which seemed to do a pop-up using the following technique which seems to be included as part of the ez system.

If you normally show the following link

then the image is displayed including the entire website pagelayout!

But ifyou change it to be as follows:

then the site shows in a stripped down form of pagelayout - without the entire menu and so on...!

So one could now override the image template inside an article (or any other class), and where it displays as an embeded size, then the image can be change to a link as shown above: /layout/set/fullscreen/content/view/image/image_id an make it link in a new page!

Hmmm - anyway thanks for a great cms!

Yours truly... Mihai


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