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Include swark extension lookalike in eZ Publish download

Include swark extension lookalike in eZ Publish download

Wednesday 01 September 2010 10:15:02 am - 4 replies


We usually need generic php functions for template operators, I think eZ Publish should include a kind of swark extension by default. For each new project, I usually install this extension, very useful...

Thanks !

Wednesday 01 September 2010 12:11:35 pm

I really wouldn't be happy about that if it were to happen.

If fact, while we're at it, why are extensions like ezoracle, ezsurvey, ezmbpaex, ezodf and ezcomments part of the package? Most of the time I'm not going to use any of them.

Wednesday 01 September 2010 12:31:50 pm

@Steven: There is a fat/full and a light package, the light one should not contain any of the extensions you mentions beside ezodf.
@Jean: As you see, different people use different extensions, many don't use swark as they probably have a clear separation between what they do in templates (view) and what they do in custom modules in pure php (controller / model).

Wednesday 01 September 2010 1:48:16 pm

@André - Thanks, now that you mention it, I remember now.

Wednesday 01 September 2010 2:02:38 pm

Explained this way, I do agree. Thank you both.


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