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indesign integration

indesign integration

Thursday 27 March 2008 4:20:38 pm - 6 replies


i'm not really sure where to actually put this post so it ended up in here.. happy.gif Emoticon

has anyone come accross an way to integrate eZ with indesign? i know it has been mentioned here a few times and their is a partner link around.. but i've tried emailing but no response as of yet..

currently we would like to build a solution for a client where his site would be the only point of entering data. here we would allow the client to add articles, adverts and everything related to an actual print magazine whom at a later point could select which elements or objects will be exported to an indesign format ready to print.

has any one worked of researched a similar solution?? is it pretty complicated to integrate or export to indesign?


Thursday 27 March 2008 10:37:23 pm

Hi there,

InDesign supports the XML-based file format inx. You could make ezp output inx.

Read more about inx here


Monday 31 March 2008 10:00:54 am

thanks for the info..

lots of reading to do...

Sunday 06 April 2008 4:57:03 pm

I know one of the German eZ partnes have done some work with Indesign and eZ Publish.
Maybe try contacting them?

This partner is Lemonjuice ( ).

Monday 07 April 2008 9:30:48 am

I actually tried conctacting them before I made this first post but they never answered.

Monday 07 April 2008 2:47:31 pm

Hi Fabricio,

try it again, they are very busy these days. You can download the presentation here:

Greetings ekke

Modified on Monday 07 April 2008 2:52:51 pm by Ekkehard Dörre

Wednesday 09 April 2008 8:00:45 pm

> InDesign supports the XML-based file format inx. You could make ezp output inx.
> Read more about inx here
> Felix

Seems like INX is the next generation of plain XML which is the import format in InDesign2, which we use (we're not exactly in the print publishing ourselves, hence we don't keep up with new versions). Looks promising. One or the other, it seems like a middle-way format for data import, which can be generated by virtually any technology, including eZ Publish, like Felix suggested. We've just automated the InDesign publishing process for one of our clients' that way, but in case of XML it required some trial-and-error before we came up with satisfactory exchange structure.


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