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Intranet solution suggestions

Intranet solution suggestions

Sunday 21 May 2006 10:00:25 pm

Let me first say that I <b>love</b> the Intranet solution package. Have learned a lot from it and use it quite a lot as a template for making intranet sites.

However, and I could be wrong, but I do belive it's not compatible with eZ Publish 3.8. At leat I did not got it up and running when I tried.

Some suggections for later releases:

- Discussion forum
- Should be able to nest galleries. What if I want some galleries with "subgalleries"? If I make folders and "gallery" as subfolder, the folder lists ugly. And if I make a "gallery" as a container and a new gallery as a "sub-container" it doesn't look right. I belive this could be done easy by hacking some gallery-line-template or something happy.gif Emoticon
- Calendar functionality would be great, but I guess that's a part of another bigger universe happy.gif Emoticon
- The top-toolbar should support a "sub-toolbar" like the sites bundled in the standard packages.
- The full-view of images doesn't display the caption attribute by default
- the top-toolbar breaks into two lines if there if too many elements, it's still a lot of space between the elements.
- Have some problems with PDF and OASIS export but that may be something weired going on here happy.gif Emoticon Will take a look at that later.
- Maybe the template that lists folders should display it with a icon that symbolises that it is a folder or something?
- Should be able to delete elements in the right-info area as well.
- Maybe a "links" section with "add/delete link" option in the right-info area.
- Some templates made with old template language syntax.
- What about more comments in templates?

Don't know if this makes any sense but I wanted to give my opinion happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks a lot for a really great contribution!


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