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LiveChat for developers and for debuggin etc...

LiveChat for developers and for debuggin etc...

Friday 04 July 2003 6:26:30 pm - 3 replies


I'm suggestin eZ to build a live chat where people could ask and answer much more faster for little problems, errors, etc...

I'm having some little difficulties time to time, it would be much more efficient to ask that kind of questions in chat and then later add them to forums or documentation...


Monday 14 July 2003 3:18:04 pm

/server irc.kde.org
/join #ezpublish

Monday 14 July 2003 4:35:18 pm

Long ago there was a reasonable amount of developer activity and the occasional visit from the ezteam here:


Friday 29 October 2010 8:28:37 am



I want to create new custom trigger.


So i want to know how can i view my trigger in the trigger list?


In which file i have to make changes, and please give me sample code of any custom trigger if possible.


Thank you


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