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Locking Object in content tree

Locking Object in content tree

Friday 08 December 2006 1:36:12 pm


I guess we should make some kind of lock for each object, and after
the object is locked then it will not be allowed to delete the node without
unlocking it by admin.

Any how it should be possible to edit the object.

It is because several sites we are creating several nodes and in the template
we use the node_id of several nodes, for e.g. top menu or contact info or left menu etc.

In some cases where we have to use the node_id in template to fetch content or
sub tree but after handingover the site to customer it is possible to delete
those nodes and create newone, in that case the site dosen't works because of
missing node_id in content tree.

If we can lock such objects and add some info in text box why that is locked
then that will be easier for future enhancement to developer and also to
admin/editors to understand it why they can't delete that object and why it is locked.

Also in admin interface all locked objects should display little different.

I guess it is a future enhancement request.

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