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logout handler

logout handler

Friday 31 October 2003 6:11:02 pm - 2 replies


It would be nice to have an logout handler also as we have login handler...

I have done an integration with other software's login's and user handling, but the loggin out doesn't work proberly 'cause I don't wan't to tamper eZ's code... Right I now I have a cron running and checking the logouts...

It would be nice if this could be included asap.


Sunday 20 January 2008 9:49:39 am

Does anyone else feel necessary about the logout handler? Actually, we need the same function for one of our project recently.

Thursday 17 December 2009 4:44:39 pm

Hi Micheal, I would like to have a Logout Handler too !.

In EZP 4 is not yet present.

I think it should be enough to have a "hook" where insert some php code to to cleaning.

How did you resolve without forking ezpublish ?



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