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Make it work in PHP 5 + another question

Make it work in PHP 5 + another question

Saturday 26 May 2007 10:46:36 am - 1 reply


I want to try eZ but it just says something like eZ don't work in PHP 5 when I upload it to my server. Anyways, I want it to work in PHP 5 too because eZ looks like a great system.

And then my other question, when I have downloaded the .zip-file and are ready to upload it to my server almost all files are missing. So in other words, I upload the folder that's in the .zip-file and then I just get tons of error messages saying something like this: "The file lib/somefile.some_file_extension don't exist" and other messages like that.


Anders Moen

Sunday 27 May 2007 7:09:00 pm


The zip file seems fine to me. Re download, extract and upload might help.


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