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Meta tag fields by default

Meta tag fields by default

Thursday 02 February 2006 10:35:18 am - 5 replies

My suggestion would be to include meta tag fields by default into the Article and Folder objects with the following functionality:

- Main targets are keywords and description for SEO
- Fields are not mandatory
- If fields are filled in, then entered values are used for a specific object page. Otherwise sitewide values from Setup tab are included

Everybody's optimising their website for search engines, so why not make life easier for developers? For example, we have to include this fix into nearly every project.

Anyone else thinks it is a good idea?

Monday 06 February 2006 3:48:06 pm

And what about the metatags? What are they going to be? Because they should be each time different, shouldn't they?

Thursday 23 February 2006 9:22:40 pm


We have developed this tool and integrated it into our Content Management System.
This tool allows you to write your website META keywords and META description only once and they will be included on all the pages of your website. And you can very easily edit these META tags at any desirable page, if necessary. (Some pages could need their own META keywords and description as well.)

By the way, here is a link to our CMS -
//links removed due to commercial character of post.
//please contact info@ez.no if you want to promote your website on ez.no
Real estate website development, real estate CMS:

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Friday 24 February 2006 11:04:42 am

This really gets looking like spam again, I guess Yaroslav Korchagin is the same guy as Jonny_B Black ( http://ez.no/community/forum/general/need_your_opinion ).

Friday 24 February 2006 11:11:35 am

Yep, and I think this time we need to remove links from Mr.Yaroslav's footer too.

Friday 24 February 2006 12:03:50 pm

What's wrong with you guys?

I have only answered to Denis Igin! And you're calling me a spammer? Thanks a lot, that's very pleasant to here, makes me wanna read and write on your amazingly useful and full of people forums...

I see you guys don't really want people to talk on your forums, to help each other, to ask questions, make propositions and at all - you are not interested in people on your forums, or am I wrong?

From your words and actions it seems that I am right.

Modified on Friday 24 February 2006 12:12:02 pm by Yaroslav Korchagin


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