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MnogoSearch Extension

MnogoSearch Extension

Wednesday 27 September 2006 1:51:33 pm - 5 replies


I would just knwow if an extension MnogoSearch exist for eZ. I haven't find this extension in the Contribution part.

Else, I will develop this blunk.gif Emoticon


Sunday 01 October 2006 4:25:15 pm

This extension doesn't exist, is it ?

Is it because it's useless with the search engine of eZ ?

I think Mnogosearch allows to index the content diferently...

What do you think about this idea, an Mnogosearch Extension ?


Monday 02 October 2006 8:38:09 am


You can try Lucene search extension. Works great!


Monday 02 October 2006 12:04:37 pm


The installation of the Lucene extension implies, for instance, to add a php-java bridge (php module that you have to compile).

Integration with mngosearch might be proven easier, I for once would like to try you extension if you decide to develop it.


Wednesday 12 November 2008 7:19:50 pm

Any updates on this front? I'm interested because the eZ Find search & the built in one both search based on the ezpublish database. I'm pulling in a lot of content from other systems into my ezpublish sites and need a search engine that crawls & spiders the "end user" version of the site. I'd love it if MnogoSearch was an option here! Let me know if there's been any progress or if there's a start that I might be able to move closer to completion!


Wednesday 12 November 2008 11:00:06 pm


"php-java bridge (php module that you have to compile)."

This is not correct. You need to have JRE or Tomcat. After that the information is exchanged over a REST service.


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