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Multiple sites

Multiple sites

Monday 26 November 2007 2:14:39 pm

This system has the ability to add multiple sites with different databases. Yet there is not admin interface to do so with ease! Some form of a superuser / superadmin interface which could allow for the system to configure and set new sites.

While we are discussing this topic - perhaps even some form of class overlap - such as the user classes which could be used across multiple sites with different contents from different databases. This would allow one user to access (with permissions set) multiple sites.

Yes I know of the slowness in the system but I am not talking hundreds of sites - but a mere 4 or 5.

Also - while we are at it, the admin interface for one site should have the name of the site displayed big from the admin of another site. When working on multiple windows it makes it difficult to know which admin you are busy changing happy.gif Emoticon

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