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New interface idea

New interface idea

Thursday 08 May 2008 9:42:46 am

Hey guys! Do youknow what would be really neat??? Imagine that the entire admin interface has been designed with a set of javascript tools such as extJS!

Instead of loading a page each time you click on something, the whole thing would be done using AJAX and things like grids!!!

For example: when we list the objects by clicking on the "content" button, instead of having a list of items defined by a template syste,. you would probably want to have a grid that displays these items.

The grid would be much faster due to the fact that no templates for the line items are actually generated. And one can put things like checkb oxes, re-arrangements, copy functions, change the section, inline editing of title, etc...!

Then when clicking on the item for editing, one could incorporate the new editor etc...

Also when one defines a new class, one could make use of extJS to do so...! Drag and drop abilities of datatypes in a centre panel where one designs the class...!

Okay I think I AM taking it a bit far hahahaah!

Anyway why must the admin interface be treated like an actual site? I mean when you clear templates for the user site you also clear caches for the admin site! And this makes the admin interface slow! That is meant to work faster due to the fact that most of the time is spent there to update the site.

So I thought an extJS interface would work here in our fabour! Their site is !!! Check it out if you haven't done already!

Yours Mihai

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