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Object-name-pattern-like custom values

Object-name-pattern-like custom values

Wednesday 19 November 2008 5:57:48 am

Hi guys,

This may not be a best idea ever, but maybe it's something. I like to create good and planned object name patterns for 2 reasons:
- end-users find them useful
- object name is inexpensive (no extra fetches, I believe, to represent entire object)

Now, what if we had few more fields like that? Say, 1-3 fields named "Custom object pattern", that developer could utilize to have object summaries, some extra combinations for different purposes.

Object name pattern:

<full_name|short_name>, [<identifier>]

Custom object pattern:

<lead>, [<identifier>]

Of course, it would have to be implemented in a similar way to object name, so that it remains inexpensive.

Just a thought.

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