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Online Editor paper clip hell - Please improve this.

Online Editor paper clip hell - Please improve this.

Wednesday 12 September 2007 5:55:04 pm - 9 replies

Can we please get some contextual information for the Online editor when users add a Paperclip.
I was training a client today and was faced with a sea of paperclips.. It just looks dumb... Can we have a roll over at the least..

ok rant over happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 12 September 2007 7:14:40 pm

Very true.

For example the indexpage of ezwebin enabled distribution - can be very confusing for newcomer, going to edit it and seeing just some paperclip boxes and no indication that they will render to big vertical and horizontal lists. Could be some pictorial indication about it being a list and its direction.

It will be the smallest of ezwebin-related confusions user will get, but that would be topic for separate rant..

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Saturday 15 September 2007 11:12:00 am

I hear yer, I just came from a project where all the front pages where full of paper clips and it looked crazy.

Please someone from eZ give some feedback... I am starting to see paperclips in my dreams now happy.gif Emoticon

Help before I go completely mad..

Tuesday 25 September 2007 3:38:14 pm

Some counts sheep's to sleep but counting paper clips can do the works as well happy.gif Emoticon

But, are you seeing paperclips for images?
I know there was a bug in some 3.9 version that didn't set the correct image class variable in ezwebin sites. So that paper clip was used for images as well.

Add this to override/site.ini.append.php (for ezwebin sites):


When it comes to related content, it gets a lot more tricky.
One suggestion I have heard was to have different icons pr class of the related content.
Any other suggestions?

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Tuesday 25 September 2007 3:53:32 pm

Hi André

Thank you for the reply.

The paper clip image issue is fixed for us as we are in eZ Network happy.gif Emoticon

The issue I am talking about is when you add object inserts. We use the *alot* so you have to click on every paperclick to see if it is a "sublist", "Highlighted object", etc, to see what article it was and what class you choose to display with it.

Some kind of icon per class chosen would be useful and then when you hover over it you see the article title and maybe a summary of the over information.

Let me know what you think


Wednesday 14 November 2007 11:53:36 pm

Hello Everyone,

I noticed in the last few days a much older yet surprisingly detailed
thread along the same topic become revived.


Looking forward to the future with a much improved OE happy.gif Emoticon


Thursday 15 November 2007 10:00:59 am

Thanks Heath. I did not spot these.

It does seem strange that nothing has been done with the paperclip. It seems like an obvious fix.

We should give the OE some love.

Saturday 22 December 2007 10:36:56 pm

I have nothing from eZ on this.

Can we have some comment please eZ on if/when paperclips will get a face lift? Will it need to wait for components? Will OE get a re-vamp with components?

Sunday 23 December 2007 1:36:37 am

Hi Tony & the community:

Yes, OE will get a re-vamp.

When? Not so far in the future, but we need a few months before we have a full replacement.

Apart from disappearing paper clips, some more GUI features will be added as well.


Sunday 23 December 2007 8:40:37 am

This is amazing news Paul happy.gif Emoticon

I would be more than willing to help advise on UI/features. We do a lot of training so I can give some good feedback here.

Merry Christmas



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