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Online Editor suggestions and feedback!

Online Editor suggestions and feedback!

Monday 07 November 2005 12:26:33 pm - 25 replies

I've created this topic for all OE users that would like to propose something for further OE improvement.

Please write here, what features would you like to see in OE, what behavior or bugs annoys you or anything else you want to tell OE developers.

Also I would like to hear feedback on the new OE 4.0 alpha1 released (it is available for download at http://ez.no/download/add_ons/online_editor/ez_publish_3_online_editor ). This test version includes completely new input parser that allows us to fix all related bugs and make further improvements. This parser also probably will be integrated in eZ publish in future. So I'd like to know how good is it in storing different content from the input (created manually or pasted from MS Word or any external source). And do you have any problems using it.

PS. Please always mention what browser do you use.

Wednesday 07 December 2005 4:12:31 am

Looking great Kirill

I still get occasional requests from people wanting mutliple line break support and even multiple character spaces too. Could this be an optional ini switch perhaps?


Modified on Wednesday 07 December 2005 4:22:16 am by Brendan Pike

Monday 12 December 2005 1:13:52 am

"mutliple line break support" is definitily wanted here too....

currently multiple <br />'s just get reduced to one.

Modified on Monday 12 December 2005 1:14:57 am by Björn Dieding@xrow.de

Monday 12 December 2005 9:50:56 am

Well, but the problem here is not in the OE. Empty lines and multiple space characters are not supported by ez publish itself. I mean standard "simplidied xml" input handler and html output handler. I can add only those things to OE that are already supported by ez publish xml format, so this should be added to ez publish first. We can create a topic in sdk-public and discuss it there together with other developers.

Monday 03 July 2006 12:40:58 pm

I propose the addition of text alignment buttons to the online editor

Left - Center - Right - justify (???)

Anyone else want this functionality?

Monday 03 July 2006 1:12:15 pm

I do.
Next to that, text color.


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