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Online training courses?

Online training courses?

Tuesday 05 August 2003 12:42:20 pm - 10 replies

Any plans to offer online courses in EZ publishing / developing?

The benefits are many and for that reason you could get more scale economy...


Tuesday 05 August 2003 2:27:57 pm

Mikael, this is planned as part of our training portfolio, but we don't have a timeline for you.


Tuesday 05 August 2003 5:10:59 pm

I'd LOVE that!

Wednesday 06 August 2003 12:25:26 am

I would LOVE an online training, too!!!

Wednesday 06 August 2003 11:52:29 am

Since we are still in the planning phase of such training, we would appreciate your feedback.

What content would you like in such a training?
How should the training program be made?
How much interaction with the instructor would be needed? (important for the pricing of the service)
Other inputs on how we can conduct online training with eZ publish?

This can help us make a better training.


Wednesday 06 August 2003 1:29:36 pm

Before we can see how interactive the sessions might be I have a few questions relating to the suitability of the ez training courses for online courses. Here I am referring to already existing material that will be presented to students during the training courses being given in a few weeks time.

- Can this material easily go online?
- What percentage of a trainers time will be needed to explain this material to students on this course?
- From the above answers how much more documentation needs to be written to match the estimated time an online trainer could spend with a student per price plan?
- Could this possibly feed into the ez documentation in some manner, such as free tutorials...



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Wednesday 06 August 2003 2:02:02 pm

To Alexander:

I guess the best would be interactive tutorials/modules targeted at different user/admin levels and skills required. Also the interactivity could be with different levels: from multiple choice review questions at different stages to more complicated assignments with instructor feedback.

Modules could include:

For "new" users:

1) Basic setup and administration
2) Basic template language and possibilities
3) Creating classes and associated template functionality
4) Multi-language aspects

Intermediate development:

5) Implementing workflow/ creating new events/triggers
6) Creating operators and new datatypes and show the possibilities to expand functionality with a minimum of programming

Advanced development:
7) Creating new modules
8) Create new handlers for existing modules
9) Using SOAP and other ways of connecting ez publish to the outside world (I mean other software)

For levels of interactivity:
- multiple choice review questions (no instructor)
- minimal feedback by instructor on assignments (on the end-result only, pointing to possible improvements)
- thorough guidance, but I guess that's what the support system is meant for.

my 0.02¤


Monday 01 September 2003 11:28:52 pm

I guess that the more time you spend on "self-explaining" exercises together with solid study material the less time each student demands from the instructor.

The online courses may well come with a final exam which is tied up with a certification scheme (which motivates the user AND put a quality check on the course).

Friday 07 September 2012 11:14:17 am

After ten years... is there anything for eZ Publish training similar to say  ?

I'm sure people would pay good money for a good service like that.

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Monday 31 December 2012 12:40:32 pm

I was looking for some stuff too but i could not find anything except documentation which is not a perfect case for starting at all !


I think we already have quite good resources to learn but the are not organized in a prefect find-able way.

Sunday 17 March 2013 11:51:55 pm

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