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Openid Compatible Login

Openid Compatible Login

Wednesday 04 April 2007 1:26:35 am - 3 replies

Option to give openid login would be nice. Other frameworks like ror and joomla 1.5 have or will have openid plugins.

Wednesday 04 April 2007 1:55:03 am

Sounds like a feature request for an "OpenID (Compatible) Login Handler" Extension happy.gif Emoticon


There are many examples of an eZ publish login handler extension to use as an example to build your own. If you do implement this solution, please do contribute it back to the community.


Tuesday 26 June 2007 12:41:09 pm

I've seen the openid login has been implemented in eZ components.

If I have time I will look to code a extension for eZ Publish, and contribute it to the community...

Tuesday 26 June 2007 2:29:39 pm

Hello Andreas,

With the maturity of eZ Components and the inclusion of OpenID support,
an looking at the Authentication component source code.

I wonder how much source code could be modified to meet your needs today
within eZ Publish or an eZ Publish extension?

I've heard of others speaking about using eZ Components and the PHP5 Port
to create eZ Publish (PHP5 Port) extensions which use an eZ component.

Re: eZ components through extensions,

Though this may not be the best approach if your needs are more short term than long term.

I wonder, is it possible to add to user authentication process without patching (re: hacking) the eZ Publish kernel? If it's not possible to avoid patching the kernel to add this support (at this time, in the short term; right now).

The next question (in my mind) is how much code duplication can be avoided by looking to existing solutions like the Authentication component; while designed for php5, I still wonder if parts could be re-factored back to php4 to meet these needs in the short term.



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