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Personal blog hosting

Personal blog hosting

Tuesday 28 September 2010 11:33:06 am - 5 replies

The community website now allows hosting for eZ blogger. But this is targetting to eZ topics only.

I think eZ can get more popular if it has a hosting service like WordPress. People would be able to connect to, let say, and create an account which allows them to create their own website/blog and choose between different themes for the design.

Tuesday 28 September 2010 12:25:27 pm

Hi !

Opening as blogging platform was initially meant to provide a comfortable blogging cradle for eZ enthusiasts, who would address topics around eZ, the Web, Web development, Internet, the mobile world, etc. Hence my uncertainty when it comes to making it a I am sure most of the 14 persons who already created their blog here have a personal blog in another place for addressing other types of subjects, or even eZ-related subjects and duplicate/adapt the content on (which is ok !).

The downside of this is that indeed, no theming is available.

What do you think ?

Tuesday 28 September 2010 3:59:51 pm

I do have 2 blogs, one active about photography (eZ) and an old one about misc stuffs (joomla). They are both on a dedicated server but I wanted to move one of them outside of the server.

Also when creating websites/blogs for some photographer, for some of them it would be good to have it hosted on a freehost. WP and Blogger are good but I do like eZ.

With extensions such as eZ Style editor, I was thinking that maybe with more extensions like it this could be possible. Also eZ could be installed with just the Website Interface extension and multiple sets of CSS (site-colors.css, classes-colors.css) could be installed and another extension would be used to switch between them. Or maybe these CSS could be store in an object then an extension would generate and cache them when needed.

Might be quite some work and not sure if it is worth for you guys to launch though.

Tuesday 28 September 2010 4:31:03 pm

I don't think eZ Systems would want to try that neither from a strategic or technical perspective, it would take resources away from what we are supposed to do basically.

Tuesday 28 September 2010 4:53:12 pm

To put it in other, rounder words : it technically certainly is possible to do so. Doing so would actually even be a separate activity, not directly related to taking care of our community, but rather a dedicated blogging platform (or even SaaS), potentially augmented with a commercial offer. This is not part of today's plans.

Opening for any community member to blog on the eZ Community Portal should help increase information, experience sharing around eZ Publish and its technological context : the Web, Internet, PHP, mobile. Hence the limited features of the currently offered blogging platform, which are exactly the same as eZ, and the team are using on a daily basis.

I am really glad to hear that eZ Publish is one of your reflexes, feel free to keep that blunk.gif Emoticon

Cheers and thanks for proposing initiatives !

Modified on Tuesday 28 September 2010 4:53:51 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Tuesday 28 September 2010 4:58:24 pm

I see your points. Thanks for the clarification.


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