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poll: suggestions for new, generic workflows

poll: suggestions for new, generic workflows

Monday 18 May 2009 5:08:31 pm - 5 replies

Thinking about creating a new extension with a bunch of workflow events that could be useful in many situations. What is your most common/felt need?

Current ideas:
- a new multiplexer, based on node location within a subtree
- switch new object creator to a given one
- add to new object a secondary location (might already exist as an extension in projects: createmultiplelocationruleevent)
- add new object as related object to some existing object's object_relations attribute
- copy a given subtree as subtree of the new object (might already exist as an extension in projects iirc: ezssp)

Monday 18 May 2009 5:41:08 pm

one note... if a workflow event is really that usefull like a new multiplexer, based on node location it should be added to the core.

Tuesday 19 May 2009 8:45:45 am

Please no more pollution of the core... If things can easily put in an extension why then putting it in the core? I would only understand this from the support-point-of-view, but if they make a supported extension out of it it's no problem either, right?

Tuesday 19 May 2009 9:12:45 am

Actually I was thinking rather about an extension developed on my own (spare time), so no official support from eZ Systems would be provided. But I think I can make it beer- or pizza-ware for people wanting to have commercial-grade support blunk.gif Emoticon

Saturday 27 June 2009 2:17:34 pm

Well, this could be something we can discuss as part of the community improvements... Maybe a Community certification process for extensions, to make them more reliable ? But this would come with a few constraints imho.

Or maybe something closer from real extension approval / certification, as it would benefit everybody... win / win situation blunk.gif Emoticon

Sunday 28 June 2009 7:42:38 pm

@Bertrand: a topic for a thread on its own (or for the new-community-portal thread)?


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