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Provide new themes

Provide new themes

Tuesday 20 May 2008 10:43:19 am - 26 replies

Why don't you provide more themes for ezpublish ? We can currently find a few themes in the contribution area, but all don't work well with ez4.

Creating a theme is quite difficult I think, and getting more themes should be very very VERY interesting for the community. Typo3 for example provides many templates.

Why not opening a new contribution for getting new themes ?

Wednesday 02 September 2009 10:11:53 am

... i hope so too blunk.gif Emoticon ... tnx tony

Sunday 27 September 2009 11:45:24 am

Even though I don't think this is a good idea from the technical point of view, I'm curious to see how you do and of course wish you luck. Of course, I hope you share some results summary with us blunk.gif Emoticon

Sunday 25 October 2009 1:22:57 pm

I would like to see more templates. Even if it's for intranet use, I think it would be useful to provide more professional themes.

Wednesday 07 April 2010 12:45:23 pm

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Thursday 22 April 2010 2:58:32 pm


I completely agree with Piotrek when he writes:

If I look at ezwebin, I see an intelligent GUI, not a skin. This interface is crucial for developers to ease the learning curve and also pick up some good practices, but with around 40 eZ Publish implementations, we haven't yet had a customer who would fit into ezwebin precisely (or sometimes - at all).

and I agree with Felix too when he writes:

For developers, a blank (plain) design combined with the functionality provided in webin is all that is needed.

I think that the most important aspect of the themes provided by default (ezwebin an ezflow) is to provide us technical and ideas solutions that we can copy to fit them to our particular cases.

Maybe, the site can be a nice solution for people who don't have html, CSS and ez template language skills (in that case, how hard it should be to use eZ Publish !). But I don't think that it is the role of eZ to supply these themes but the job of the community instead.

To finish, I don't share David's point of view when he says:

Looking at different eZ-powered sites they tend to look quite the same. CSS and Image-changes of course but you can still 'feel' that it is the same base-template.

eZ Publish lets us, naturally, free to create any design.


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Friday 02 March 2012 9:23:15 am

Providing a suite of ready made templates plus making it easier to create new ones would be a positive move. It would create a symbiotic industry of eZ Template developers and would demonstrate to the market that eZ is not some fringe system.  It's not like eZ has hit critical mass in terms of world-wide brand recognition, so in the mean time would you not like to have the choice of being able to access the market that has created over 50 Million Blogs in just one system?  eZ can be very profitably used to create both very simple and very sophisticated solutions, but for the simple things the theme choices are a bit too boring and a bit too much work to customise quickly.  In a way, it is precisely because eZ is so flexible that it should have more themes to demonstrate real examples of what it can do.

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