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"Redirect to main_node" settings

"Redirect to main_node" settings

Thursday 31 August 2006 4:08:50 pm - 2 replies

For SEO, having a document accessible by multiple URLs is bad. eZ publish should have an option (in settings) making the system redirect to the url of the main node with a permanent redirect.

Wednesday 22 November 2006 6:20:36 am

Very good idea. This functionality should be fairly easy to accomplish by checking the current url within the template level and using the Redirect Operators extension to redirect from system to virtual url if necessary:


I agree it would be a nice option to have as an ini setting (and this would be a more appropriate place for it than a template hack.) Perhaps you could post this as a feature request on http://issues.ez.no


Wednesday 22 November 2006 10:09:45 am


You can also "hide" the fact that you have a page in several locations.

On my view line.tpl I often do a


instead of the


So when I list the children on a page, the link goes to the main location of any child.

Works quite ok.



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