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Roadmap and priorities, yes we've had this very often ...

Roadmap and priorities, yes we've had this very often ...

Friday 26 September 2003 12:20:07 pm - 5 replies

Now seriously.

I discovered so many threads that concern minor changes, fixes, improvments with eZ commenting "Yes, we know, we are just about fixin it..".

Most of these matters are several months old and more!

Nobody wants to push you, you may have to focus on some profit-work as well. But what I really, really, really, really demand is this:
Take 15 minutes of your time, have a little meeting or WHATEVER is neccessary in order to write down a little announcement about what you are planning to do in the next couple of months. I am sure, you have a plan of your priorities, so PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT THEM (and allow us to comment them)!

Come on guys, there's so much things seemed to be forgotten. You had discussed that topic on the summer conference as well (wasn't there) and again I haven't read only one official announcement by eZ about what the community has to expect in the near future.

Really, don't let us down!

PS: And please add an "Announcement" forum, this is really helpful and NO problem. Show us, that you hear us!

Thanks very much indeed!

Friday 26 September 2003 12:41:17 pm

Dont know if you've seen this discussion weve had this week. Hopefully the ez crew will whip something up in the next week happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 26 September 2003 1:22:45 pm

Yeah, I saw the first two or three posts.
But honestly: Is the bug list problem number one these days? Comm'on..

Theres lots to improve on the site, for sure. But there's things in mind, that are somewhat higher in my personal priority list.
(i.e. when creating and publishing a information collector form, you have to supply the required fields that are supposed to be filled out by a user, not the editor publishing it. That is sth. that should be fixed really fast, coz it's kinda .... stupid).


Friday 26 September 2003 1:26:17 pm

Haven't seen this:

sorry!! blunk.gif Emoticon

I'd love some priority discussion though ...

Saturday 27 September 2003 1:15:06 am

There are two issues here.

1) Improving ez publish
2) improving the community site.

The link i gave was about improving this community site. What are your priorities?


Modified on Saturday 27 September 2003 1:15:28 am by Paul Forsyth

Saturday 27 September 2003 4:22:16 pm

Well, there's much important work to do (and always will be..). Imho, there are still plenty no-goes in 3.2 final that should be fixed in order to make it a usable cms.

Just take a look at the bug list right now. Bugs should always be priority number one in order to close down "construction sites". Bugs cost time, frustrate and keep users away from extending and improving the system. Maybe a bug notification system would be nice. You're often not aware that a misbehaviour is a bug and spend hours and hours trying to make things move. If you knew instantly, that the behaviour you discovered is a know bug, you can save that time and better spend it on a workaround or just let it be.

Another thing is the information collector feature: since forms are used on simply _every_ website out there, it's in no means flexible and powerful enough:
- Selection, option, range must be available as information collector (without them, it's of no use at all to me..)
- input validation needs more flexibilty (regexes would be cool)
- error feedback of not properly filled out fields: availabilty of error-variables like error_string (the message itself), error_field (the form field in question)

I extended collectinformation.php so it at least checks fields whether they are empty or not in case they are compulsory. But the only thing I can do is redirect to an error-page saying "Please fill out field xy properly and go back with your browser's back button, so you don't have to re-type everthing again!" (I don't mention the last thing blunk.gif Emoticon ). Forms are important! Amen.

The release plan says IC is on the list, but mentioning "polls". I'm afraid there will be new "create a poll" feature, but does not extend the overall flexibility. Focusing on notification (new notification filters), collaboration and user management is not necessary since it is more powerfull than many other systems and I guess, less than 10% use it more or less extensivley (I believe in contrast that 95% of all websites are administered by one or two persons - even big some players of our customers have one employee for that).

- as I've posted often: POST and GET as global variables, that are considered in the view cache (see also
- Preview: either not working on my system, or I have some different understanding of it as others: Previewing ANY content should show me _exactly_ the same page as publishing and viewing it on the website. This is not the case (at least here).
- Performance - always a topic (but also in the plan)
- for "confirm this bug"-button, so eZ can see clearly see which bug might is serious and which ones seem to be bogus.
- last five news on every page (might be/is a layout problem). I always jump directly to the forums and miss news completely!
- For the rest, I'm top-poster in the suggestions-forum blunk.gif Emoticon

I do wonder a bit, why eZ never asked, what do YOU need?
Let's make the first poll on what features do you currently use, which weaknesses do you see in them, which ones (features) do you miss, plus priorities from 1-3.

well, my quick working-on-saturday-thoughts...

nice weekend everyone!


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