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Roadmap for 4.4. Any Ideas?

Roadmap for 4.4. Any Ideas?

Tuesday 23 February 2010 8:19:52 pm - 41 replies

With 4.3 pretty close to its stabilization deadline, it's time to start the drums rolling for the roadmap that will lead to the next version. Much in the same vein as the open discussion that took place on this forum about the improved admin interface for 4.3, I think the community can contribute in shaping the greatest version-to-be ever.

My own ideas wishes: make 4.4 a developer's best friend - keep improving the new interface introduced in 4.3, but focus on simplifying the developer's job.

  • move the webshop completely out of the kernel into a new extension - a leaner, meaner base install is a boon
  • move all code for displaying/editing templates and the RAD page out of the kernel AND start developing it with: a rad wizard for every feature commonly found in extensions: datatypes, fetch functions, functions, workflow events, cronjobs, etc... merge code from ezgeshi for syntax hilite and from ezcodesniffer for compliance checking
  • set up a proper dependency management framework for extensions
  • allow extensions to install/deinstall tables and data when enabled/disabled
  • improve the interface used for creating and installing packages, making more apparent the distinction from downloaded packages and packages locally created; allowing to create new version of local packages; allowing to pick remote package repos via gui
  • rebase the ez package format on pecl

Monday 14 March 2011 11:11:05 am

My little contribution to this list :

- Add a built-in upgrade manager for kernel and extension (like wordpress or magento's)

- Add the ability to mix hostname and uri config in site.ini

- Add roles policies at attribute level

- Add a detailed read order for settings and design to ezdebug (that would respond to the question : What settings files are read by my siteaccess and in which order ?)



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