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Roles and list of classes in the contextual menu

Roles and list of classes in the contextual menu

Saturday 01 May 2010 1:13:20 am - 4 replies


When we define a role which restricts the classes that can be used, the drop down menu in the Sub-elements frame takes into account only these classes.

But the list of the classes in the contextual menu continues to present all the classes available on the system.

Is not there any way that the contextual menu also takes into account only classes defined by the role?


Saturday 01 May 2010 11:32:52 am

Hi Pascal

Unfortunately this is not currently possible sad.gif Emoticon. I just checked in design/admin2/templates/contentstructuremenu/content_structure_menu_dynamic.tpl and it actually just excludes some content classes. Besides, it seems that (undocumented) fetch function - class/list_by_groups - used in that template to list possible classes does not check security policies (eZClassFunctionCollection::fetchClassListByGroups()).

This would be really nice to get that feature IMHO happy.gif Emoticon. Would you mind add a new enhancement issue on ?

Saturday 01 May 2010 3:26:28 pm

Hi Jérôme,

It's done.


Saturday 01 May 2010 4:02:22 pm

Thank you Pascal ! happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 11 January 2012 1:41:31 pm


I guess this feature is not done yet?


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