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RSS Import identifiers

RSS Import identifiers

Wednesday 13 October 2010 11:42:09 am - 3 replies

I have found in 4.3.0 rssimport cronjob (24-Sep-2003 16:09:21 sp) how identifier are generated and I don't understand the priority choice.
From my point of view, "guid, title, link" could be more practical than "link, guid". GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) first seems common sens.

rssimport.php, lines 209-227:

// Test for link or guid as unique identifier
$link = $item->getElementsByTagName( 'link' )->item( 0 );
$guid = $item->getElementsByTagName( 'guid' )->item( 0 );
if ( $link->textContent )
$md5Sum = md5( $link->textContent );
elseif ( $guid->textContent )
$md5Sum = md5( $guid->textContent );
if ( !$isQuiet )
$cli->output( 'RSSImport '.$rssImport->attribute( 'name' ).': Item has no unique identifier. RSS guid or link missing.' );
return 0;

Wednesday 13 October 2010 1:30:22 pm


A better place to report issues is the issue tracker at http://issues.ez.no



Modified on Wednesday 13 October 2010 2:19:50 pm by // Heath

Wednesday 13 October 2010 1:35:04 pm

It is probably this issue:

#014256: About RemoteID of items created by rssimport.php


Wednesday 13 October 2010 2:56:26 pm

Thank to both of you. I've bookmarked the Issue Tracker. To me, it's not a bug so I've only suggested to do things differently. I also understand why it will be difficult to change this with backward compatibility.

I made my own patch to have the title as a possible identifier.

Now, I ask myself how I will determine if what I have to suggest got to go into Suggestion Forum or into Issue Tracker 's Enhancement type... blunk.gif Emoticon


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